Silver Linings and the Power of Positivity in a Crisis
By Dr. Nicolette Mathey

If someone told you one simple trick could increase your life span, lower rates of depression and reduce your risk of death from cardiovascular disease, would you do it? Of course, you would. We all would! Now, what if that trick could boost the health of your business in the same way it improves the health of your body? The simple trick I’m talking about is positive thinking, and researchers have already proven out the benefits optimism has on our health.

Though they can’t pinpoint why positive thinking leads to improved health, most medical experts believe that a positive outlook helps us better cope with stress. For many of us, the events surrounding COVID-19 are among the most stressful we’ve ever experienced — particularly as pharmacists who play a pivotal role on the frontlines of the fight against its spread. In the spirit of optimism, I wanted to talk today about finding a silver lining during a crisis and review some tips you can use to channel that positivity into something productive for the business.

Source PPE and essentials for the community:
Because of how life has changed over the last two months, COVID-19 immediately comes to mind when we think about a crisis — but the truth is that this virus is just one of many crises that can strike our communities. Where I am in Florida, not a summer goes by without the threat of a hurricane. In other parts of the country, homes and businesses risk catastrophic damage from tornadoes and wildfires.

The point is that each crisis is unique (and so are the associated challenges each brings), but the local pharmacy can play a role in the community’s recovery by providing PPE and other essentials. For COVID-19, this can include keeping your shelves well-stocked with gloves, masks, hand sanitizer and thermometers. In the aftermath of a hurricane, it could be flashlights, batteries and bottled water. As pharmacists, we all got into this profession to help people. We must realize helping people can go beyond just filling prescriptions.

Think creatively with how you aid others:
Remaining positive during a crisis isn’t about burying your head in the sand and ignoring reality. It’s about making the best of a bad situation and rallying together with your community. Small businesses should stick together, which is why we’ve rolled out Welcome Back to Work Kits at Palm Harbor Pharmacy.

The goal of these kits is to help our community partners and fellow small businesses prepare to reopen to the public by bundling essential goods. The quantity of what’s included in the kit varies by the number of employees, but each kit includes at least one infrared thermometer, 25 surgical masks and two bottles of hand sanitizer. These products ensure that businesses can safely and cautiously reopen, helping to rebuild the local economy while keeping employees and customers safe. Positivity is contagious, and this sort of outreach could prompt other businesses to follow suit. It’s also important to mention that you can easily modify kits of this sort to include different essential goods and tailor the kit to the crisis at hand. Regardless of the contents of what’s included, these kits can increase your pharmacy’s exposure locally.

Be flexible however you can:
There’s no doubt that having to endure a crisis can be scary as a business owner and a pharmacist — but your customers are feeling that fear too. In a time where things seem so uncertain, a little positivity and flexibility can go a long way toward easing anxiety. For instance, if your costs to purchase goods drops, be sure to pass those savings on to customers.

If you aren’t already offering texting to your customers, you should consider implementing it in a crisis. Customers will appreciate the added convenience of texting for a refill in an emergency, and you may just secure a customer for life.

At ATRIUM24, we’re big believers in the power of positivity, especially in times of crisis. During COVID-19, we’ve worked hard to make sure our members feel adequately supported and receive the guidance they need to thrive. If you’re not a member, I’d love to have you join us! Please fill out the form on our contact page, and we’ll be in touch.