Services Designed To Build Your Pharmacy

ATRIUM24’s services are tailored to meet the needs of your unique business. From tapping into our pool of pharmacy owners for data analytics, training and networking purposes, to collaborating with the A24 Team on instant message ops support, custom prescription protocols for your local providers, and more, ATRIUM24 has something for every pharmacy owner at every stage of their business, or businesses!

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Social Data Share


ATRIUM24's Social Data Share membership connects like-minded pharmacies through data feed integrations within our secure portal, networking via a vetted message board, and access to new ideas.

  • Aggregate NDC Analysis
  • A24 Portal & Message Board
  • Closed Facebook Group - Zooms
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Premiere Membership


Our exclusive monthly membership package connects your key team members with the latest industry intel and data, making for an indispensable partnership.

  • Custom Branded Marketing
  • Focus 1on1 Business Consulting
  • Individual Data Analysis, Goals, and Metrics

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A24 University


With A24 University, you can tap into programs that other successful pharmacies have built, and shorten your runway to success.

  • A La Carte
  • Turn-Key eCourses
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ATRIUM24 is always developing relationships with pharmacy vendors in an effort to connect our pharmacy network with quality products and services.

If your company is interested in being an ATRIUM24 Ally, and can provide value to our membership.