ATRIUM24 is always on the lookout for pharmacy innovations, whether in the form of pharmacy owners and employees who are digging very deep and excelling in a specific niche, to industry vendors who are putting in the time, resources, and talents to help our industry thrive.

With that, ATRIUM24 is proud to announce our Ally partnership with Mockingbird Pharma. Mockingbird, and their VAWD-accredited affiliate Cochran Wholesale Pharmaceutical, are generic drug wholesalers who offer a wide variety of new-to-market products as well as maintenance medications to independent pharmacies. Mockingbird and Cochran distribute drugs to customers in 47 states, with distribution centers in Texas and Georgia. ATRIUM24’s founder, Dr. Nicolette Mathey, is a Mockingbird customer herself at her own pharmacy and appreciates their attractive pricing and terms, as well as a truly responsive sales team and fast shipping.

ATRIUM24 is confident that the partnership with Mockingbird will be mutually beneficial, in that our clients will have their voices heard in product sourcing and pricing needs, as well as learn about any new products and trends at the forefront. We look forward to the partnership bringing great insight to the independent pharmacy industry and helping to enhance the outcome for our clients.

Ally partnerships are open to vendors in the independent pharmacy industry who can bring value to our clients and who would benefit from ATRIUM24’s clinical intelligence, market insight, and co-branding capabilities.

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