About ATRIUM24

ATRIUM24 was founded by Dr. Nicolette Mathey. As of 2019, Dr. Mathey has worked in pharmacy for 19 years, provided pharmacy business consulting for 5 years, and owned her own growing pharmacy for 2 years. While all pharmacy owners have wonderful ideas, the daily grind keeps us from taking the uninterrupted time to create clinical programs, marketing materials, implementation and training resources… the list goes on and on. Since Nicolette’s pharmacy is fully staffed, she is able to collaborate with other pharmacy owners on a daily basis, and then carve out the time needed to craft these offerings in a turn key fashion. A huge benefit to ATRIUM24’s content is that all materials are tested out in a real pharmacy before being released to Beta pharmacy owners, and then the rest of ATRIUM24’s network. The collective wisdom and input from the industry allows ATRIUM24’s programs to continue gaining strength and adaptability in all different regions of the country and every size business.

Dr. Nicolette Mathey

Owner, PharmD, RPh