Data Membership

$99.00 / month

Visualize Trends of other Pharmacies in Your Area

• Find Out What Doctors to Visit

• What RXs/COMPOUNDs/OTC/DME/etc. items to market to them

• De-identified Dispensing Data feeding into our Server Nightly

Understanding your payer landscape holds the key to unlocking your pharmacy’s niche, and will show you where you should focus your growth efforts. We pharmacy owners should all be focused on bringing new, potentially profitable business into our doors, to create predictable revenue streams (this is the part when PBMs laugh… but it IS POSSIBLE). ATRIUM24 is pleased to offer a secure option for pharmacy owners to collaborate and socialize with each other. Your Membership includes Data Share Access, our Secure Message Board, limited access to our consulting videos, as well as a free subscription to FDS Amplicare Match. We own an independent pharmacy and have consulted for independent pharmacies for a decade. Once you sign up for our monthly membership online, ATRIUM24 will email you a set of agreements. After your quick, online signatures, we will email your portal login information, and we’re off to the races!! (Check your Spam folder for your temporary password, it’s a thing). You’ll be able to view our collective data sets as well as drill down to your heart’s desire. You can also begin reading and posting in our members-only message board, and watching our Office Hours and Data Insights videos.

Key Points:

  • We have invested heavily in our Data Share program over the past 2+ years
  • Virtually ALL Pharmacy Management Softwares are connected to ATRIUM24
  • De-identified dispensing data from across the country feeding into our server nightly

Data Share Membership includes:

  • Access to De-identified claim aggregates
  • Gain powerful Insights
  • Learn what drugs are most profitable
  • Compare trends by state
  • Informative videos
  • Message board access
  • Join our monthly webinars
  • A24 University eCourses
    • Covid Testing 101 – $395 Value
    • Monoclonal Antibody Treatment – $395 Value
    • Covid Vaccines – $395 Value
  • FDS Amplicare MATCH – $165 per month value

*All of ATRIUM24’s consulting packages are annual agreements with 90 day opt-out terms, meaning you can cancel with 90 days’ notice at any time.