COVID Testing 101


Welcome to the A24 University eCourse: COVID Testing 101 The time is now to start offering COVID Testing for your community! Due to popular demand, founder of ATRIUM24 Nicolette Mathey & Palm Harbor Pharmacy, owner has offered to share with other independent pharmacy owners how we’re doing Rapid COVID Testing in our pharmacy. For a one-time fee of $395, You’ll gain access to our Training Videos and Downloadable Templates & Forms for Antigen, PCR, and Antibody Testing.Each of these materials can save you countless hours and allow you to get started and/or grow your Clinical Services program.

We can help you get a CLIA, buy the tests, give you templates for marketing forms, workflow forms & cover sheets, online testing appointment questionnaires, etc.
It’s also important to set your pharmacy up as a Testing Center on Google, we have some links to help with navigating that process.

Once you complete your purchase online, ATRIUM24 will give you access to our eCourse in the A24 Portal. You’ll then receive an email with your login credentials. Start watching and downloading ASAP, and be on the lookout for Zoom invitations as we periodically discuss any program updates.

Participating in this eCourse saves countless hours from having to figure these details out on your own. You don’t want to wait, start testing NOW, while the opportunity is hot and your community is in need!

Course Contents:

  • Answers to your important questions:
    • Requirements – which pharmacies can order and perform these tests
    • How to order, which machine, which cassettes, which distributors, etc.
    • Proper PPE discussion
    • Workflow, testing area and how to stay organized in the pharmacy
    • What a patient has to submit to their insurance company to be reimbursed
    • How to utilize a COVID intake questionnaire
    • PROFIT potential: what each component costs, how much to charge, etc.
    • Strategies to GAIN NEW PATIENTS from COVID Testing
    • Upsolutions ripe for these patients, adding more to the bottom line
  • Program Handouts
    • PPE List as well as where to source
    • How to order, contact information and machine/cassette details
    • SARS-CoV-2 Training Log Sheet
      • A stepwise process to ensure your staff is trained and following proper procedures
    • Workflow: How to incorporate COVID testing into your pharmacy
      • How do patients sign up, where should you test, where should you process, how to process tests, how to deliver results, etc.
    • Patient Intake Questionnaire
    • Patient Invoice
      • All necessary information for patients to submit to their insurance
    • SARS-CoV-2 Results template
  • Demonstration Video
    • Watch an ACTUAL COVID TEST, from start to finish
    • Tips and Tricks to become more comfortable with the process
  • Access to our ATRIUM24 and Palm Harbor Pharmacy team! Every pharmacy is different, and we’re here to support you. Our mission is to help other pharmacy owners implement new revenue streams, and we’re constantly creating better systems and processes.